August 9, 2012

United States Patent and Trademark Office Opens First Satellite Office in Detroit by Todd Chawansky, Associate Attorney

On July 13, 2012, the United States Patent and Trademark Office opened the first-ever satellite office in Detroit, located at 300 River Place Drive.  The building, which is listed on the National Historic Registry, was once home to Parke-Davis Laboratories, as well as the Stroh’s Brewery Headquarters.

The building is officially named The Elijah J. McCoy Office, after one of the region’s most famed investors.  McCoy was an inventor from Ypsilanti, whose oil-drip lubricating cup was so dependable that it coined the term “the real McCoy.”  The USPTO expects the Office to create about 120 highly-skilled jobs in just the first year.  These positions include administrative judges and support staff, but primarily patent examiners to help reduce the backlog of pending applications and patent appeals.

“Today’s expansion into Detroit fuels a new 21st-century innovation era for our country,” said Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and USPTO Director David Kappos.  “The USPTO’s Elijah J. McCoy Office brings our nation’s innovation agency to the doorsteps of Michigan’s inventors and entrepreneurs, while also spurring new opportunity, growth, and jobs.  That’s what this Office represents and that’s what the Motor City has always been about.”

The Detroit Office beat out Denver, Colorado, Silicon Valley, California, and Dallas, Texas, as the first satellite office, but sites in these cities are expected to open within the next three years.

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