A trademark is defined by statute to be any word, name, symbol or device, or any combination thereof, adopted or used by a manufacturer or merchant to identify his goods and distinguish them from those of others.  Trademarks or service marks can be any word, design, slogan, colors, characters, certain trade dress and even certain sounds or scents.

PSED Law attorneys are experienced in every facet of U.S. trademark law.  From filing a state or federal application to enforcing your mark through infringement proceedings, the attorneys at PSED Law can protect and strengthen your brand, product or service.

Trademarks are an integral part of any business since they identify your brand to consumers. Whether consideration is being given to adoption of a trademark, structuring brand identification or responding to claims of infringement, competent legal counsel is a wise investment that will assure that you develop and maintain this most important of intellectual property assets.

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