Our attorneys counsel local governmental agencies, including cities, townships, counties, downtown development authorities, utility authorities and transportation authorities in environmental regulation, insurance, health care, telecommunications, employment, zoning and planning and finance. We represent many local and municipal jurisdictions, and we serve as coverage counsel for a major Michigan municipal self-insurance pool. Additionally, PSED attorneys are on call to represent clients before a wide range of state and federal administrative agencies and regulatory boards:

  • Legal advice and counsel to governing bodies, boards, commissions and departments
  • Drafting resolutions, ordinances, deed restrictions, contracts and other legal documents
  • Preparation of policies and procedures to standardize government operations and to ensure that our municipal clients act within the law
    • Representing municipalities in labor negotiations
    • Advising municipalities regarding financial matters
    • Assisting agencies in zoning and land use law, including zoning, dispute resolution and litigation
    • Responding to Freedom of Information Act and Open Meetings Act inquiries
    • Working with local agencies in arriving at cooperative arrangements with other agencies regarding the most efficient manner of providing public services
    • Attendance and representation of private clients at meetings of municipal boards, commissions, committees, local, state and federal governing bodies and regulatory agencies
    • Advising clients on compliance issues related to business policies and processes that involve environmental regulations
    • Representing clients in actions before the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other State and Federal agencies in compliance regulations, providing answers to information requests, handling remedial projects and working with the local governments to implement environmental responses
    • Representing clients in first response and long term reporting requirements on environmental accidents or incidents
    • Representing and advising clients as to water and sewer issues and ordinance compliance, including both local governmental agencies and private clients

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