Lawrence Sperling, one of our senior partners, specializes in Social Security Disability and SSI claims. He has over 40 years of experience in successfully handling these claims at all levels of the proceedings from the initial application through, if necessary, any appeals.

The Social Security Disability procedure has a number of steps. The first is the initial application for Social Security Disability benefits or SSI. While it is not necessary to have any attorney to do so, the advice of an experienced attorney at this initial stage can be very important in helping you properly fill out papers and provide information. It is our strong belief that it is important to have our advice on how to proceed even before you attempt to file your initial application.

Most folks are denied at the initial stage. The next step, appealing for and having a Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge at the Social Security Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, is undoubtedly the level at which there is the best chance of success, if properly handled. Mr. Sperling’s office obtains all relevant medical evidence and necessary opinion forms from your physicians. He submits this together with a pre-hearing legal brief to the Hearing Judge. Based on this, he has oftentimes been able to obtain a favorable decision without the necessity of you even appearing at a Hearing. If a Hearing is necessary, he completely prepares you for it beforehand.

Fees are charged only if we are successful and are limited to the percentage of any past-due benefits allowed by the Social Security Law. We pride ourselves in our personal service. Mr. Sperling and his assistant, Sharon, are always available to answer your questions.

If you believe you are disabled from employment or have questions about Social Security Disability or SSI, feel free to call Mr. Sperling directly at 734-483-7177.