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What You Need to Know Before Changing Your Name

Family Law Ann Arbor

By: Steven Tramontin

There are many reasons why you may want to change your name, from disliking your current name, changing  your name following a divorce, and transgender name changes to reflect identity. The process to change your name can take about four to six months. Each county in Michigan has slightly different process requirements. Changing your name legally in court won’t automatically change it on your birth certificate. A separate application to Michigan DHHS is required.

The name change process involves many steps, including fees, a petition to the court for a name change, a criminal background check, and a hearing. You’ll be required to get fingerprints taken and send those fingerprints to the Michigan State Police Department for processing. The background check will search for criminal records in and out of state. 

The court will schedule a hearing, and a notice of name change must be published in a local newspaper. At the hearing, the judge will ask if you are changing your name for fraudulent reasons. You cannot change your name to deceive creditors or to escape a criminal conviction or history. A minor can change their name in Michigan but must have permission from both parents.

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