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Sarah Meinhart Discusses Charitable Giving at University of Michigan Estate Planning Workshop

Estate Planning Attorney Ann Arbor

Sarah Meinhart presented at the University of Michigan Estate Planning Workshop on October 25th. She discussed charitable giving and estate planning to set guests up for success. 

Charitable giving, especially if using qualified retirement plans, can provide tax incentives to the individual making the gift and reduce capital gains tax. The nuances of gifting are an opportunity to discuss with one's attorney, CPA, and wealth advisor if there are exclusions or exemptions to gifting assets, such as stock to a charity.  Using your team of professionals, a person can discern how and when to gift, such as creating a Donor Advised Fund or Charitable Remainder Trust.   

“It was a pleasure to speak to University of Michigan donors in an intimate fireside chat setting regarding the estate planning process and how gifting can be incorporated into one's estate via lifetime gifts and end of life gifting,” says Sarah Meinhart, estate planning attorney in Ann Arbor.

The most effective way to take advantage of estate planning resources and gifting opportunities is to seek representation and work with an experienced attorney like Sarah Meinhart. When you work with Pear Sperling Eggan & Daniels, P.C., you’ll be in great hands. With over seven decades of combined experience, you’ll be guided through the complex estate planning process by someone who has seen it all and can help you make the best decisions for your family.

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