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Protect Your Hard Work with a Trademark

Sometimes it takes a lot of time and resources to develop a unique and successful advertising scheme. Whether your business is best known for its name, logo, or catchy phrase, a business should safeguard its hard work and intellectual property. Any individual or business can file an application with the United State Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) to register its trademark and seek protection for the exclusive right to use its trademark in commerce. The registration of a trademark also prevents others from infringing upon your trademark and freely benefiting from your success in attracting business.

The USPTO has a very strict examination process before it will approve registration of a trademark. An application must provide proof of how the mark is used in commerce.  Once proof is provided, the USPTO will conduct various tests to ensure the strength of your trademark. If the USPTO deems that a trademark meets the thresholds of the examining process, it will allow the trademark to be approved for registration.

If you have a name, logo, or phrase that you use to market or promote your services or goods to consumers, you should consider seeking protection and prevent others from benefiting from your intellectual property trademark by confusing the consumer.

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